Cat with the emerald tiara

Cat with the emerald tiara

Cat with the emerald tiara

Cat with the emerald tiara


If you could, please share this link with me so we can give these cats and Paddington the extra help they need.


In particular, all cats need to be examined:



Hi! Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mum’s parents were in the front row, while one of her sisters was in the second row (I identified her by the lotus tiara borrowed for the occasion from her sister the Queen). It could be her other siblings sitting in the 2nd row because I don’t know who they are 😅 in the first row are her parents, the Duchess of Kent, the Duchess of Gloucester, Queen Mary with Elizabeth and Margaret and the Princess Royal.


As Camilla’s children and grandchildren were present at her installation in the Order of the Garter, I really think they will be in the balcony of the royal section in the abbey. Her children in the front and her grandchildren in the second.


Then there will definitely be Catherine with her children, Princess Royal with Tim and I think Sophie. The Duchess of Gloucester, if there is room for her.


In the second row, the York sisters with their husbands, Louise, James, Zara and Mike and Peter with his wife at the time and Meghan, if invited. DoKent and Princess Michael.


Now we know why the Countess of Dumbarton is so quiet. It has been reported that both the Earl and Countess of Dumbarton are planning a barbecue of A listers to be held around the same time as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Carol Service. Golden ticket invitations must be sent out, some to people who have never met her. She also reportedly asked one of the female guests to sing “do” for her, but that was turned down along with attending a barbecue. Currently, very few people seem to have responded. If they know what is good for their personal reputation and career, they won’t bother. p.s. I learned today that the invited guest who was ‘asked to sing for her dinner’ and declined was reportedly Mariah Carey. Good for her!


The cat with the emerald tiara


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Diadem of the Moon: Emerald Diadem of Angoulême


Commissioned for Princess Marie-Thérèse of France, the glittering piece did little to bolster the security of the hapless French monarchy.


In 1792, September was a grim one for French aristocrats, starting with the infamous September Massacres at the beginning and the rise of the French First Republic at the end – effectively ending nearly 950 years of absolute monarchy.


The then king and queen of France, Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette, tried to flee Versailles during the rebellion, but were captured, imprisoned and ultimately guillotined. Louis and Marie-Antoinette were 15 and 14 when they married in 1770, and their long-awaited first child, Princess Marie-Thérèse, was born eight years later. Despite having three other biological children, Marie-Thérèse was the only surviving family member of the Revolution and was imprisoned until she was Almo.

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