h4 ead business ideas

h4 ead business ideas
  • h4 ead business ideas

Do you want to start a business as an EAD H4 visa holder? If YES, here are the top 50 profitable small business ideas and opportunities for EAD H4 visa holders. The H4 Visa EAD is a visa category in the United States that came into effect in 2014/2015 and opened to applicants in May 2015.

An H-4 spouse may be eligible for an H-4 EAD only if the H-1B worker is the recipient of an approved I-140 petition (Immigrant Petition for Alien), or the H-1B worker has extended H-1B status for more than six years under the American Competitiveness in the 21st Century (AC21) Act.

Interestingly, the EAD for H-4 holders is not limited to any specific type of employment. This can be full-time, part-time, multiple employers, short-term multiple employers, independent contractors, self-employed business owners, employment through a staffing agency, paid, unpaid internships, or not working at all.


Here are the top business ideas who have H4 Visa EAD can start in the United States of America;


Open an African restaurant

If you are an African on H4 Visa EAD in the United States and want to take advantage of the large population of African migrants in the US to generate income, then one of your best options is to start an African restaurant.

The truth is that if you can successfully start an African restaurant in the United States, your clients will not only be people from Africa, but all the other people in your location who love to discover delicacies from different parts of the world.

Open a bike shop

Another suitable business that someone with an H4 Visa EAD can set up in the United States is a bike shop. The bicycle shop mainly sells new bicycles, bicycle parts and accessories. Many bike shops also provide repairs and maintenance.

In general, if your shop is located in an area with good human and vehicular traffic and you stock a variety of bike types and sizes from different brands, you may not have to struggle to get people to visit your shop and buy. repairs.

Open pool and pool hall

Opening a pool and pool hall is another ideal business that someone with an H4 Visa EAD can start in the United States of America. Remember that people visit billiards and pool halls not only to play games, but also to rent the latest gaming machines that they don’t have or can’t afford.

People also go to pool and snooker halls to network and discuss over drinks and snacks. If you don’t know, most billiards and pool halls start making money within a few months of being established.

Start distributing Cannabidiol (CBD) oil.

Another ideal business that someone with an H4 Visa EAD can start in the United States of America is a cannabidiol (CBD) distribution business. The cannabidiol (CBD) oil distribution business involves the wholesale purchase of cannabidiol (CBD) oil from cannabidiol (CBD) oil companies and its subsequent distribution to retailers, pharmacies and medical facilities.

For this type of business, you can choose to have your own store/warehouse if you have the financial capacity for it, or you can choose to operate without a store. The bottom line is that you need to own your own distribution truck/van, you should know how to source cannabidiol (CBD) oil and how to get it to your customers.

Start a cleaning service business

As someone who has an H4 Visa EAD, one of the business ideas you can start in the United States is a cleaning service business. Anyone can start this type of business as long as you have an eye for detail and cleanliness.

If you have experience in this regard, it will be easier for you to start and run cleaning services effectively. The truth is that you have a chance to succeed in the cleaning business in the United States if you have good marketing skills.

Coin Laundering Shop

Starting a coin laundromat business requires you to purchase or lease the equipment needed to operate the business. Beyond the skills you bring to the table; equipment is also necessary to start and run a business. Part of what you need to know before starting a coin laundromat business is knowing the required equipment that is used in a standard coin laundromat.

Start a front desk medical practice business

Another business that someone with an H4 Visa EAD can start in the United States of America is a front desk medical practice business. Receptionist medical practice is a practice that gives space to a unique relationship between a patient and a doctor (primary care doctor), in which the patient pays an annual fee or so-called deposit, therefore it can also be called a concierge medical practice or concierge medicine. retention drug.

These fees may or may not be in addition to other fees depending on the doctor. In the United States, patients pay an annual or monthly fee that is often about $1,200 to $5,000 a year.

Custom cake business

When you think about it, if you are a baker or even a caterer and you are using H4 Visa EAD, it is easier for you to go into custom cake business. The basic ingredients used in making custom cakes are flour, butter, sugar, eggs, frostings and cake decorations. One thing about custom cake making is that it’s your creativity that can set you apart from your competition.

Open an electronics repair shop

Opening an electronics repair shop is another money-spinning business that an H4 Visa EAD immigrant who wants to start a business in the United States should consider starting. One good thing about this type of business is that you can learn technical skills from someone already in the industry or from a technical school.

All you need to do is rent a shop in a good location and then set up your shop and advertise your electronics repair business. If you are lucky enough to be one of the few electronic repair technicians in your community, you can definitely make good money with this kind of business.

Essential oil extraction business

Another thriving business that someone with an H4 Visa EAD can comfortably start in the United States of America is an essential oil extraction business. Please note that the fact that this line of business is not very popular means that you must be willing to do thorough feasibility studies and market research. It is truly a money spinning business if well positioned and if you are able to build a robust distribution network.

Frozen custard shop

As someone with an H4 Visa EAD, if you are interested in starting a business in the US, you should consider opening a frozen cream shop. Frozen custard is a cold dessert just like your regular ice cream, but instead of cream and sugar, it’s made with eggs.

Compared to ice cream, it is usually kept at a higher temperature and usually has a thicker consistency. Both ice cream and frozen custard are made from milk, cream and sugar. There is no big difference between the ingredients and the machine used to make frozen dessert and ice cream.

Open a gift shop

A gift shop is an ideal business that someone with an H4 Visa EAD can successfully start in the United States. The gift shop sells an assortment of gifts, gift wrap, novelties, souvenirs, greeting cards, party supplies, and seasonal and holiday decorations.

One good thing about this type of business is that you don’t need to enroll in a regular school to learn how to start and run this type of business; it is a business that requires basic business skills such as customer service, accounting skills, negotiation skills, people skills with networking skills and of course overall business management skills.

Open a barbershop

The barbershop business will continue to flourish because people will always go to barbershops to get haircuts or any other related services offered by barbershops. Please note that if you plan to become a barber and open a barber shop in the United States, you are expected to undergo barber training. There are several ways to become a barber.

If you are in the United States, you are expected to attend “barber schools”, that is only if you can easily obtain a license and permit. Additionally, most states in the US require a barber to hold a license before they are allowed to operate a barber shop professionally. People also learn the trade by studying professional barbering in their shops.

Poultry breeding business

Chickens, various birds, quail, guinea fowl, ducks and others are birds that can be kept comfortably in a poultry house. Chicken and birds are widely consumed in all parts of the world and therefore there is a large market for poultry farmers.

As an H4 Visa EAD holder who wants to start a livestock business, one of your options is to settle for poultry farming. Poultry farming is a highly prosperous and profitable business venture. In addition to humans consuming birds, egg supply is also a major source of income for poultry farmers.


It is no longer news that people are now more easily going into beekeeping.  In fact, people now prefer to use honey as a sweetener rather than sugar; it is safer and healthier.

As someone using an H4 Visa EAD looking to start a livestock business, you should consider going into beekeeping; it is a profitable and prosperous enterprise. Please, not that you have to learn how to keep bees, if you don’t, you might not find it funny when you get a few stings from bees.

Start your shrimp farming

Another ideal business that someone with an H4 Visa EAD can start in the United States is shrimp farming. Shrimp farming is known to be a profitable business and has evolved from a small scale to a global industry in most countries where it is practiced.

Prawns are known as one of the healthiest foods in the world and are eaten on all continents of the world. Due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory content, it is most desirable for those who are careful about their cholesterol intake.

Start a pet sitting business

Starting a pet sitting business is undoubtedly another lucrative and viable business idea that is thriving in the United States of America. Pet sitting is about taking care of pets on a temporary basis because the owners are away. As an H4 Visa EAD holder who has a passion for pets and is looking for one smart way to make good money from your passion, you may want

One way to maximize profits is to spread the word about your business. You must have a solid advertising plan. Here are some media you may choose to embrace; have flyers or handouts placed in various vet offices also in local cafeterias, newspapers, on your website, you can even consider having a twitter handle as well as a facebook page.

Become a professional nanny

Becoming a professional babysitter is a simple business idea that an H4 Visa EAD holder can start in the United States of America. As a professional babysitter, your job is to provide babysitting services to parents who have babies and toddlers at home.

Please note that anyone, be it pre-teens, young teenagers and even older people, can do the job of a nanny, but what sets a professional nanny apart from them is the professionalism they bring to the table and of course the amount that they are paid by the hour.


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