Incitement trip to Iceland

Incitement trip to Iceland

August 6, 2022 0 By doletown

Incitement trip to Iceland

TOURIS provides special trip incitement programs for individualities and groups. Our thing is to offer our guests unique and indelible incitement tenures to Iceland. However, TURISTIKA can help you, If you would like to invite your important guests or workers on an indelible trip. Our incitement tenures are sure to make your bonds stronger than ever!
When it comes to group incitement trip, it’s hard to suppose of a better destination than Iceland. Iceland is a country of unique beauty and a thriving culture. You can enjoy a variety of out-of-door conditioning similar as rafting, ATV riding, ice climbing, kayaking, caving, horseback riding and numerous further. In our incitement passages, which have been designed with the end of strengthening platoon solidarity and enjoying general fellowship with each other.

Our trip incitement programs offer you a great occasion to make cooperation and enthusiasm into your pool. TOURIS can organize staff and operation meetings, operation training, etc., including intriguing tenures and platoon structure conditioning. That’s why numerous companies and associations communicate us with requests for trip incitement programs.

With our incitement tenures to Iceland, you’re sure to have a business and trip experience worth flashing back . With so important to see and do, Iceland is getting one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world.

The country can be enjoyed in any season. So you can plan your group incitement trip for any time of the time, it does not count if it’s summer, downtime, spring or afterlife, because Iceland has commodity to offer you in every season.

Our wide range of incitement tenures includes everything you need for quality group trip. TOURIS incitement passages to Iceland increase provocation and put a smile on every face. Let our trip counsels help you plan your coming event.

Our trip counsels will conform instigative trip incitement programs to suit your taste and budget. We flatter ourselves on furnishing a high quality service and are confident that we can meet the high position of prospects of our guests.

Our complete range of services is designed to make your incitement trip to Iceland a success in every way. Our website features everything from veritably affordable group incitement trip packages to luxury each inclusive packages.

Whatever your conditions, communicate us and we will put together an incitement adventure package according to your wishes. We’re also suitable to arrange Super Jeep tenures for large groups if needed.

A trip to Iceland, visiting Reykjavík and the Icelandic south seacoast. Upon appearance in Reykjavík, transfer directly to the Blue Lagoon and experience the luxurious comfort of warm lagoon water and have lunch at a eatery erected into an 800- time-old lava precipice. You will spend two days at a luxury hostel in Reykjavík before heading south for three nights. Full of stunning natural beauty, the South Coast is the most stirring region of the country. Program highlights include a modified glacier vehicle lift across Iceland’s second largest glacier( and also hike deep into the ice coverts!), a super jeep stint, exchange caffs’ and the chance to see the Northern Lights first hand from our hostel.

Features included


  • 5 nights in luxury parcels.
  • Ground transportation to/ from the field.
  • Private welcome event and regale.
  • Blue Lagoon Experience with lunch at Lava Restaurant.
  • Full- day stint of BorgarfJordur with a visit to the ice delve.
  • Full day trip by super jeep( voluntary glacier snowmobile experience).
  • Full day stint of the Golden Circle.
  • Lobster Feast( voluntary).
  • Group feed and/ or farewell regale.
  • Tour director for the duration of the program.

Guests can take advantage of the long daylight hours of summer, mountain trails that are open in September, or enjoy a quieter time of time to enjoy fall colors, downtime geographies, and the appeal of the sunup borealis. Callers can also witness a syncope in the iconic Blue Lagoon, located near the field, when arriving or departing from Iceland. This country is a feast for the senses and offers incitement groups an experience that can only be endured.



Upon appearance at Keflavik Airport, guests will be transferred to the hostel. This new and swish hostel in the heart of Reykjavík offers a unique character and no way a dull moment. Sleep and wake up in a fun, various terrain with friendly staff to serve and help you. Original, various and ultramodern designs characterize the hostel combined with old bones from the harborage and dockyard. The view of Mount Esja and the dry wharf outdoors give you an experience of accessible nature and marine conditioning in one place.

Upon appearance, there will be a walk through the thoroughfares of the megacity, discovering the Viking heritage and ultramodern times. This food stint of Reykjavík is a great volition to the traditional megacity stint and offers an sapience into the megacity’s Icelandic culture and cookery. Your educated companion will take you through the megacity center and stop at intriguing places to give you a little taste of Iceland. You’ll taste original specialties before regale at a original eatery and returning to the hostel for late stay.



Custom super jeeps with huge 38 ″ tires will pick you up from your hostel and your guests will be behind the wheel! All the vehicles are linked by a radio system( VHF), so everyone can communicate between the buses . After your companion gives a safety preface to the buses , the fun motorist attendants will take your guests on a stint of Iceland’s most notorious sights. The first destination is the beautiful and major Thingvellir area, where Iceland’s first congress” Althingi” was innovated in 930 announcement. Next, we will reach the notorious Geysir area with washing hot springs and the constantly gushing Strokkur. Enjoy lunch at Geysir before heading to Iceland’s most notorious cascade, Gullfoss, which drops 32 measures into the potent glacial swash Hvítá.

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