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is Joy of people’s sweats to fight the drain that costs youth sport, while perfecting issues for children and communities. further kiddies, further kiddies who love to play better players, better community- you can not get one without the other. Our aphorism is As important as possible, for as long as possible, in the stylish possible terrain.


One price of$36.50 gives access to all programs including free play, rice and sap, fall, spring and summer camps, futsal, indeed events and leagues for one time( starting September 1, 2022)( up to a value of,000$).


One cost$36.50

It includes training to come Play ministers – youthful leaders who can insure safe and healthy play for youngish children. This training provides simple but important tools to make proven play surroundings close to home, creating a new generation of sportful children.( A,$ 85 value)

36.50/ time( 10 cents per day)

  • Access to all programs including camps, chops programs, events, leagues, events,
  • Season Tickets for All scapegoats( Men’s and Women’s Semi-Pro Futsal( NFPL) and Down brigades( NPSL, WPSL)
  • Season pass to stream all Goat games
  • Powered by Joy( PBJ) Online instrument- Come a Play Ambassador- Everything a player needs to set up and share in proven sandlot game




36.50/ time( 10 cents per day)

PBJ Online Parenthood Class. Everything you need to know about a safer, more, easier and healthier way to deliver sport to children

How to grease the terrain of the vicinity, demesne and academy

Season pass to stream all Goat games

Season tickets to all Goat games




Let’s make a better future. By getting a member, you’ll be part of an important change that leads to a better future. We’re using everything we have, all our coffers, our invention, our spaces, our ideas, everything- we hope to support,000 children this time with#PLAY365. We need your help.




Starting September 1, 2022, Joy of the People will bring only$36.50 per person/ time. All programs will be donation grounded and supported by members.




Youth sports are a$ 20 billion assiduity in the US. Yet kiddies are dropping out of youth sports at an intimidating rate. Why?

still, we find that youth sports are erected on dreams, If we follow the plutocrat. A 10- time-old does not just dream of being a pro, he wants to be the stylish he is ever been.

But the education we give them is far from” the stylish”. rather, it’s filled with anxiety, competition, and physical and internal strain. The better you are, the further trip and pressure. palm. With the raw, rising costs of the pay to play system, we have seen poor results. low chops, low provocation, collapse and indeed quitting the sport.

JOTP represents a real volition. The loftiest situations of skill and play without the burden of choice,” elite” development, trip and now cost. What if you could develop children near to home who love to play, play with their musketeers and make community? These kiddies bring real value.

For 12 times, JOTP has led the world in understanding and delivering Freeplay and with it a more secure and effective development system.




In Brazil, where superlatives take on a life of their own,” the joy of the people” is the surname for Garrincha, the roisterous, impregnable right- winger who numerous consider more important than Pele in hosting the World Mugs of’58 and’ 62. He was poor, from the jungles of Rio, he was born with one leg shorter than the other, he was bitsy, Garrincha means” little raspberry”. To exercise, he took the ball to the original schoolyard and challenged the children to take it from him. He was hot- tempered and ultimately saw his career and life cut short by a bad life. But no bone
before or since could move the ball like him. Images of him cutting the ball, flying from the outside towards the thing, showing him diving at crazy angles, going around 2, 3 and other protectors,. He was impregnable, His movement was mesmerizing, and when He played, people felt joy.

That joy is the joy of the field, the innocence of youth, a return to the chastity of sport. This is what we all hope to see in ourselves, in our children. After turning 40 and guiding at Barcelona, journalists asked the great Johann Cruyff why he continued to take part in the 6v6 match at Barcelona’s first platoon training,” Because,” he said,” occasionally for a moment, for a short while, I am 25 again.”
Joy of the People is about football development, not only for children, but for everyone, grown-ups and others. About literacy. About joy. About making musketeers along the way. When it’s all said and done, we’ll flash back it.

What are the keys to growth in soccer? What can these guidelines about football growth educate us about ourselves and about learning in other areas?. What’s it that leads us to sports growth? Learn? What can we learn from the pursuit of crowns? For over 40 times I’ve played, counseled and studied youth, adult and now crack football development, how do we learn? how and why do we stop?




Flash back the good old days of beach baseball, basketball and pond hockey games? The game brought everyone together and they learned to play together. Joy of the People is an instigative new model in football development that captures the power of the game.

Joy of the People is a 501( c)( 3) that promotes the idea of free soccer as a way to make healthy kiddies and communities. At JOTP, we believe that

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