The role of technology in the survival of any business?:The importance of Technology for Modern Business Survival

The role of technology in the survival of any business?

The role of technology in the survival of any business?

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Businesses move in the direction of technology.

Advantages of technology in business

Technological disadvantages in business



Technology has entered into  every aspect of our lives. Many people use technology to improve their environment and their industry. Businesses are one of the key areas in which technology can be put to good use.

Every business operation now depends on technology. In the 21st century, technology has made a tremendous impact. All aspects, such as marketing, finance, marketing, HR, are focused on technology in their efficiency.

There are many benefits as it has saved people a lot of time and effort. Technology has its advantages, but at the same time, it has its drawbacks. It depends on the type of business while using the technology.

In the past, businesses used technology for communication purposes only. But today, every aspect of a business depends on technology.

Paper forms have been removed once the technology has been introduced. Also, help save money on the immature things the business needs.


Businesses move in the direction of technology.


There may be some expected side effects and some unexpected technical effects.


In Ireland, for example, many businesses are borrowing money from an online car with a bad credit rating to buy a special car for their business. But sometimes, maintaining a business car is difficult.


Therefore, it is important to make sure that you take care of the technology while using it.


Advantages of technology in business


Instant communication

First, communication is one of the most important technological products. When running your business, it helps to connect with your competitors and customers. These days, social media is one of the most important technological benefits.


You can communicate directly and interact with clients and clients. It helps you get a quick response. You can make the necessary changes once you have received feedback from your customers.


Also, employees in the organization rely on internal communication technology. Emails are now obsolete.


You can communicate within the organization through various online chat services. Also, you can use messengers to facilitate internal communication.


Online marketing

Many companies have expanded their business through online marketing. This has become one of the most important marketing strategies among businesses. Online marketing helps you save money and get your wider access.


It also helps to increase the customer base of your business. Many websites allow you to grow your business online. You can take advantage of these online websites and get into the right kind of marketing.


Social media is one of the best examples of online promotion. By keeping in touch with customers, you also work on promoting your business online.


Data Storage

Data storage is one of the most important aspects of every business. There is a lot of data needed to share with customers. Also, there is some business-specific data. You cannot save all data in paper form.


Thus, technology has solved this data storage problem. There are many ways to store data. Along with capture, it also assists and shares data. If you have to share some data with your employees and customers, you can do so in seconds.


No need for portable documents. Also, deleted data can be recovered with the help of technology. Once you have connected your device to the Internet, you can share that data worldwide instantly.





In business, employees are the most important part. You can hire your staff with the help of technology. If you are looking for specific staff members, you can advertise on social media and find what you need.


Also, you can match the skills of employees with the needs of your business. Once you have found the right candidate, you can hire it. Also, the hiring process has been simplified with the completion of visual documentation.


Staff Monitoring

With the right use of technology, you can also monitor your employees. For example, if you are not in the office, you can still monitor your employees. Also, you can monitor their product.


CCTV cameras can be installed on the premises to monitor your staff. Once your employees know the cameras, they will once again focus on their work.


Improves business mobility

As well as manufacturing, it also helps to increase business mobility. Technology has made it possible for workers to work anywhere in the world. It helped to increase remote performance.


During the epidemic, most workers were working from home. Thanks to advances in technology, this has happened. No resources required. An employee only needs a portable computer and a good internet connection.


Along with these two requirements, it is important to have a passion for working from home. Working away is one of the technological gifts offered to businesses.


As a business, if you can use the latest technology, you can borrow fast and get the right technology for your business.


Technological disadvantages in business


Communicating with people online

Communicating with people online is one of the technical problems in business. Social media these days are popular among all age groups. Many employees are busy on social media during work hours.


This can reduce the efficiency of staff. As this addiction to websites can waste their time, and reduce their productivity.


Most offices are closed to use social networking sites during office hours. There should be a line drawn by the business to use social media websites.


Expensive equipment

Using technology is important for all businesses. But most businesses have to use the latest technology to their advantage. Another setback is that many businesses do not have one


Reduce staff capacity

Prior to the introduction of the technology, staff members worked to showcase their talent. But technology has eliminated the need for staff talent. Many of the things that staff members do are now technologically advanced.


Technology has taken human efforts by doubling production. You do not need additional skills before technology.


Businesses that dependent on the Internet

Due to the proliferation of online businesses, many businesses have to rely on an online platform. When there is no internet connection, this disrupts business operations.


Also, they can be a decrease in daily production. With the right connections, these businesses are doing well. Therefore, in the absence of technology, it may be difficult for such businesses to operate.



There are always two sides to everything. Technology is no different. Businesses may find it difficult to operate without technology these days.


In many businesses, technology has taken people’s skills and replaced them. It goes from business to business and the level of use of technology.


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