This Kayak Folds into a Suitcase

This Kayak Folds into a Suitcase

November 4, 2022 0 By doletown

This Kayak Folds into a Suitcase :

Anyone who loves being on the water probably dreams of owning their own kayak at some point . they’re an easy way to connect with nature without having to tow a massive boat behind your car.

The problem that many people face when realizing their kayak dreams is that they may not be able to transport it that easily. Kayaks have to be strapped to the top of the car, but without a rack on top it’s difficult.

This is where Oru Kayak can make all the difference. it had been made by kayak enthusiasts who wanted to make the experience easier for everyone involved. Read on to find out more about this folding kayak and how it can work on your kayaking adventures.


Kayaking may be a sport that almost anyone can participate in. Kayaks are available many different shapes and sizes, but most of them are difficult to maneuver into your favorite kayak spots.

While this material protects the kayak from scraping against the underside of bodies of water and creating leaks, it creates a clunky product.

In 2012, Oru Kayak decided it had been time for a change. the longer term of kayaks could not wait any longer. They began designing a kayak that would operate in place of their fleet of four boats to free paddlers from the traditional kayaking experience.

How does it work

There are five different versions of the folding kayak, but the Inlet is that the latest model. It features an adjustable backrest and integrated floor plate, together with built-in footrests, oar accessory straps and a handle.

The integrated bow fairing prevents any tears thanks to folding and unfolding. The entry can support 275 pounds and paddlers under 6’2″.

The Kickstarter campaign remains a few months away, but the primary orders are estimated to ship in May 2020. Pledge larger donations to receive the Inlet together with things like the Inlet pack and paddles.

Don’t worry about having to replace the kayak after a few uses. Lasts as long or maybe longer than traditional kayaks, with a guaranteed lifespan of a minimum of 20,000 folds.

Who should use it?

Before anyone buys a kayak, they ought to know what type they need. There are kayaks built for various water bodies and experience levels, but the Inlet is straightforward to figure out.

Weighing just 20 pounds, most paddlers can handle it folded or unfolded. It takes three to 5 minutes to set up and can be stored anywhere. because of this, people with smaller cars and without access to a garage can use their own car.

Beginners will love the Inlet kayak the maximum amount as the pros. Take it on a spontaneous afternoon trip or store it together with your luggage in the back of the car on holiday. The Inlet can go anywhere you would like to kayak, which is one among the many reasons it’s a great investment for paddlers.



FAQ: Kayak Folds


Are foldable kayaks worth it?

Overall, a folding kayak is an excellent choice for paddlers looking to buy their own kayak – especially if you have limited storage space. While they may be on the expensive side, you can’t put a price on their comfort and reliability.

Do they make foldable kayaks?

From box to ship in minutes

We make the world’s most innovative portable boats – a collapsible fleet designed with simplicity, freedom and joy in mind. Our kayaks are packable and compact, but never compromise on durability or performance – and are just as easy on the eyes as they are on the water.

What is a folding kayak?

Types of folding kayaks

Origami kayaks are made from a single piece of rigid plastic that can be folded into a small package, just like an origami design created from paper. Despite being made of hard puncture-resistant plastic, these kayaks are still incredibly light.

Are folding kayaks stable?

Folding kayaks are just as stable as regular kayaks and can even provide a bit more stability with a wider hull. This makes them perfect for beginners or those looking for a relaxed kayaking experience.

Whats better an inflatable or foldable kayak?

Folding kayaks are said to approximate traditional rigid kayaks with their aerodynamic shape, lighter weight and ergonomic design. However, the heavier weight of an inflatable kayak makes it a little better to deal with gusty winds.

How long do folding kayaks last?

So how long can you expect folding kayaks to last? On average you can expect a lifespan of 2-3 years. With proper care and maintenance, you should be able to get many more years out of it.


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This Kayak Folds into a Suitcase