Top 5 New Educational Apps for Board Exam preparation


10th and 12th-grade board exams will begin in one month, and you should prepare yourself using educational apps. All government education boards, including the Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE, had already announced the board examination period starting in the first or second week of February. Apart from CBSE, many provincial boards like AP Board, Bihar Board, MP Board, UP Board, Jharkhand Board, etc. announced their 10th and 12th test schedules.

With just a few days to go, students are often nervous as they worry about their level of preparation. It is a common human practice that as test days approach, we feel nervous about working because of this; it becomes a challenge to find places that require more effort in preparing.

In this era of Smartphones and the Internet, it is much easier to check the level of board preparation and identify the categories that require more effort.

Here we list five top-level applications to assist students intelligently in preparing for the 10th and 12th Board examinations. Download any of the applications listed below and give a final touch to your board test preparation.


Top 5 New Educational Apps for Board Exam preparation


In this Android era, we have access to millions of paid and free apps that make our lives easier and more comfortable. When it comes to the 10th and 12th Board Examination Apps, you will find many apps in the Google App Store and other app stores. However, most of them are full of inaccurate information and statistics.

If you wish to provide a final contact for your preparation with the help of the Board Examination Tools useful, we have here 5 top educational exam preparation programs.


With over 150 million users in 35 countries, Brainly is the world’s most trusted learning app. Most teachers authorize this app to learn online. All the information and answers found in these apps are correct, and the test method used in this app is also top notch.

If you wish to give a final update to your board test preparation, you can install this app from any trusted source like google play store and participate in Brainly online test and check your readiness level and work hard on topics. which required extra effort.


One of the most popular and dedicated applications for CBSE Board exam exams. Here you will find a large sample of paper with an NCERT solution and a related lesson. The app is available in all major app stores. Before appearing on the 10th and 12th board exams, practicing a paper sample will boost your confidence and help you improve your time management.


One of the most widely used online learning apps started in 2015, and in a short period of time, it emerges as one of the best online learning apps. Here you will find video tutorials throughout the theme of your syllabus. If you encounter any doubts during your review, you can find it here easily. Apart from this here, you can also learn about time management during the test, which in the end, gives you a very good result.

Unacademy was very focused on preparing for the exams. You can find many excellent teachers in this app. Whether you are preparing for the IIT-JEE, GATE, NEET exam, or board like CBSE and ICSE, there is much more to other tests.


While we are discussing the 5 best exam preparation programs for the Board, we cannot ignore ePathshala one of the most reliable online apps for students from board exams. The app is developed by NCERT and MHRD to provide educational and digital resources, textbooks, audio and video, periodical, reading materials. It also allows the reader to download this reading material to read offline.


Dedicated app for students from the CBSE 10th and 12th Board Exams. The app contains large reading materials including, sample papers, study notes, NCERT books, and practice paper. Here you will find the study material for each topic of your syllabus.


In addition to these popular educational apps, you can try the Byju app and Disney Byju to explore board and education for kids respectively. In addition, Kahoot is another useful app that you should include in your list of language learning and sharpening skills.

Conclusion – Educational apps

Any applications, as mentioned above, may be used for the 10th and 12th Board Examination. We wish you all the best but also hope that all the students who will appear in the 10th and 12th board exams. Come out in the colors with just a few days left of the board test. Have a Positive Attitude, Remain calm, and avoid any stress.


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