virendra swarup education center

virendra swarup education centre

virendra swarup education center

The Dr Virendra Swarup Educational Foundation (VSEF) was established in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh in 1989 in memory of the late Dr Virendra Swarup, MLC and Chairman of the Legislative Council of Uttar Pradesh and an eminent educationist. Benefit of Dr. Swarupa in the field of education is evident from the fact that he established a chain of 25 educational institutions in Uttar Pradesh.


Established in 2002, Dr Virendra Swarup Educational Centre, Panki is an English medium co-educational school affiliated to the CBSE board. The school provides education to all children irrespective of caste, creed and religion without any discrimination. The mission of the school is to inculcate great values ​​through enrichment of mind, development of personality and enlightenment of spirit. The school aims to free students from ignorance, superstitions and prejudices and to nurture the thinking of students so that a solid foundation is laid for building good citizens of our country.


Who is the founder of Dr Virendra Swarup Education Centre?


Virendra Swarup Education Centre, Jajmau, Kanpur. Founders’ Day is celebrated every year in honor of our founder, the late Dr. Virendry Swarup, an education leader and MP of great repute, on July 25, 2019.

Who is Virendra Swaroop?


Virendra Swarup (25 July 1923 – 26 February 1980) was an eminent educationist and former Speaker of the Legislative Council of Uttar Pradesh. He was elected four times as an MLC from Kanpur Division Alumni Constituency.


Educational Foundation Dr. Virendra Swarup (VSEF) was established in 1989 in memory of Swarup. The foundation runs 10+2 schools and several other institutions in Kanpur and adjoining areas. It is closely associated with the Dayanand Shiksha Sansthan, an organization that runs more than 25 post-graduate and 10+2 colleges across Uttar Pradesh and [Uttarakhand].




  • Dr Virendra Swarup Education Center is also known as VSEC. The school was founded in 1989.
  • Dr Virendra Swarup Education Center is a co-educational school affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).
  • It is managed by the Dr Virendra Swarup Educational Foundation.
  • It is located away from the noise of the city in an integrated town spread over a lush green campus

Educational center Dr. Virendra Swarup, JaJmau. The calm environment provided in this way is an ideal place to get an education in the first years of life. The school is architecturally well planned and built with an earthquake resistant building and a central monitoring fire alarm system.


The well-ventilated and well-lit spacious classrooms are housed in three wings, which are modern attractive buildings with state-of-the-art elevations, equipped with all necessary facilities, well-stocked libraries, modern science labs, futuristic computer labs and audio-visual equipment. The school has a modern, aesthetically designed, centrally air-conditioned auditorium equipped with state-of-the-art sound and lighting.


The challenges of the 21st century are unique and the school strives to educate students to behave with confidence, elegance and poise. The course is adapted to the needs of each child and their personality so that inclusion can be practiced in the fairest possible way. Our focus on excellence extends beyond academics to achieve holistic growth.


The school provides ample opportunities to let children show off their creativity and stimulate their learning. In order for their creative acumen to flourish, equal emphasis is placed on theater arts, where children own the stage and screen in their own way.


What are the different payment methods here?


You can pay by cash, Master Card, Visa, Debit Card, Check, Amex, Credit Card.


What is the nearest landmark?


The establishment is easy to find as it is located very close to H 2 Block

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