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Aadhaar registration number? You have come to the right place, I will tell you all about Aadhaar number registration in a very simple explanation. Without further ado, shall we begin to understand what Aadhaar login is?

In a country as large and diverse as India, building a strong and unified identity system is a challenge.

Launched by the Unique Identity Authority of India (UIDAI), Aadhaar is a pioneering initiative to provide a unique identification number to every citizen of India. The Aadhaar Registration Number plays an important role in this process as a temporary ID for people who have applied for an Aadhaar card but have not yet received it. In this blog, we will examine the concept of Aadhaar record, its importance and the scope of Aadhaar for the lives of millions of Indians. What is

Aadhaar Registration Number?

Aadhaar Registration Number, also known as Registration Identity (EID), is a unique 28 digit number issued to individuals who complete an Aadhaar card.
When individuals register with Aadhaar by entering their biometric and demographic information at the Aadhaar Registration Center, they are sent a confirmation form with their registration number and other details. Meaning of

Aadhaar Registration Number

Temporary Identity: Aadhaar Registration Number is the temporary identity of a person at the time of registration and obtaining a physical Aadhaar card. This allows them to enjoy various government services and benefits while creating their Aadhaar cards.
Tracking Application Status: Applicants can check the status of their Aadhaar cards online through the UIDAI portal with their registration number. This allows them to stay informed about the progress of their listing.

Download e-Aadhaar: Applicants can download the digital version of the Aadhaar card named “e-Aadhaar” using the registered number. This digital copy is as valid as the physical card and can be used for many purposes.

Correction and Update: If there is any inaccuracy in the Aadhaar details, the registration number is required to initiate the correction or update of the information. This ensures that the Aadhaar database remains accurate and up to date.

Aadhaar’s Impact on Indian Society

Financial Inclusion: Aadhaar has played an important role in financial empowerment by providing easy access to banking services, grants and government services for millions of Indians.
Targeted benefit delivery: Aadhaar facilitates the delivery of various services and programs by eliminating beneficiaries and ensuring that benefits reach people.

Digital Identity: Aadhaar has become the digital identity of millions by facilitating online transactions, e-KYC (Know Your Customer) processes and e-government services.

Enhanced Security: Aadhaar’s biometric authentication feature adds an extra layer of security, reducing the risk of fraud and scam.


Aadhaar registration number is a key part of India’s Aadhaar program that has changed the way it is created and verified in the country. Giving everyone a unique identification number allows millions of Indians to access essential services, subsidies and benefits.

The Aadhaar Registration Number serves as a temporary identification that bridges the gap between registration and the issuance of the Aadhaar card. As India continues to embrace digital governance and participation, Aadhaar continues to be at the forefront of these changes, shaping the future of national identity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out my Aadhar Record?

Yes, if your mobile number is registered with Aadhaar, you can retrieve your Registration ID by clicking “Recover Lost or Forgotten UID/EID” under the “Retrieve Aadhaar” section of the “My” tab (EID) or by recovering the Aadhaar (UID). you can find. Aadhaar’s EID / UID’. website or store EID / UID.

How can I learn my student number?

You will receive a confirmation with your registration number and other details saved during registration. All corrections to registration information can be made within 96 hours of registration by going to the registration office with a confirmation letter.

What is the name of Aadhaar?

Aadhaar registration receives two types of information, Demographic (Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Address, Mobile Phone and Email ID) and Biometric (10 Fingers, Iris and Photo). Mobile number and email id are optional. Yes, you can register with Aadhaar even if one or all of the fingerprints/irises are missing.

How to fill Aadhaar application?

Aadhaar Registration Form: Steps to complete and things to remember

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