When Does Sasuke Come Back?

When Does Sasuke Come Back?

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Naruto Shippuden Episode #478 features Sasuke Come Back. This episode, titled “The Unison Sign”, culminates in their final confrontation. After adopting Naruto’s ninja ways, he agrees to return to the village.

It’s been over four years since Naruto quit. Four years since he was last shown in anime canon when he engaged in a fight with Madara and disappeared as his face healed.

Sasuke Come back

As you know when he left at the end of part I he went looking for Orochimaru to bond with because he wanted to kill Itachi. He then bonded with him briefly after seeing Naruto become strong but then decided to abandon Orochimaru when it became clear that the only way to defeat Itachi would be with his own strength.

Sasuke only returned for one episode in Part II when Naruto found him again and they fought. When they then fought against Kaguya, Sasuke was stuck in another dimension when he was caught off guard when one of Kaguya’s clones got into his side.

It’s been a few years since Naruto Shippuden ended and we haven’t had any new Sasuke episodes at all… Until now.

The new manga chapters show Sasuke and Naruto playing Shogi and when they finish Hinata makes them dinner and we see that Sasuke has a flashback when he sees her.

What made Sasuke good again?

Sasuke Uchiha, once a villain in the popular anime series “Naruto”, was making his way through the street at night.

The young man followed a simple step and an even simpler thought process: I will do anything to get revenge on my brother Itachi for killing our entire family.

I heard that he lives in this village so I will reinforce and come back here to kill him.

With this reasoning guiding his every action, Sasuke defected from the Konoha ninja forces and began working with the Akatsuki. Under the cover of darkness, he carried out many terrorist acts.

One day he found out that Itachi was dead. The thought of Itachi dying before he could kill him came as a shock to the young man.

I guess I’m not strong enough, Sasuke thought.

Then Sakura Haruno confessed her undying love to the young ninja.

Sasuke declined this offer of company and instead looked at Naruto.

Naruto was also a member of the ninja forces and Sasuke wanted to prove that he was stronger than this knee.

I must be stronger, Sasuke thought. I will grow up to the point where Naruto and everyone else will consider me the greatest ninja that ever lived.

Sasuke’s new goal was to become the most powerful person in the entire world.

Will Naruto and Sasuke become friends again?

Yes, Naruto and Sasuke became friends again.

Naruto and Sasuke are best friends in the series. They were always there for each other when they needed help to save their friends or Konoha. These two are so close to being each other’s “soulmates”.

But what if they became friends again? Is it possible for them to become best friends again, or would they remain trapped as enemies forever?

To answer this question, we need to find out how people can change. The journey of change in life begins when you realize that you can and want to change. This means that you have to make a decision and, above all, stick to it.

The first time Naruto and Sasuke were friends was after the chunin exams when they promised each other not to kill anyone during the exams (Naruto vol 1 ch 15).

Later in life, the two became friends when Sasuke left the village to follow his brother Itachi (Naruto vol 2 ch 47).

When he joined the Akatsuki and killed Orochimaru, he made Naruto promise to take care of his friends.

After these events, they constantly fought and their friendship gradually faded. Sasuke joined the Sound and killed Izuna Uchiha to obtain his Mangekyou Sharingan. He also tried to kidnap Gaara for study purposes to get Shukaku out of him.

When he was about to kill Orochimaru, he promised him that he would team up with him and destroy Konoha (Naruto vol 2 ch 58).

After the Sonic Four broke Sasuke out of prison, they launched an attack on Konoha. Naruto fought against them alone, but halfway through it became clear that Sasuke had no plans to return to Konoha. He planned to go after Itachi instead (Naruto Vol 2 Chapter 65). The two met in an abandoned Uchiha hideout and fought together until they were both nearly dead.

Which episode will bring Orochimaru back?

The following excerpt is from episode #341 of the manga titled “Naruto Vs. Pain! The Mysterious Ninja’s Counterattack!”

Obito Uchiha brings Orochimaru back to life during the climax of this battle between Naruto and Pain.

Why is Sasuke never home?

Sasuke Uchiha from the Naruto anime and manga series is a ninja who defected from Konoha after the death of his older brother Itachi.

Shortly after Sasuke defected from Konoha, he joined the Akatsuki and worked as an ANBU captain for Orochimaru. Sasuke is now considered an S-rank criminal in the village of Konoha and currently has 10 ANBU members assigned to kill him.

Sasuke was trained by Orochimaru and Kakashi Hatake.

He is the leader of Team Hebi.

Why did Sasuke become evil?

There are many reasons that influenced Sasuke’s decision. The following are four important reasons why he decided to take the dark path.

1. New goal

In the beginning, Sasuke was just a child seeking revenge for the murder of his family. He joined Orochimaru thinking he could kill Uchiha Itachi with the Sannin’s help. However, he was disappointed when Orochimaru told him that he would have to train for years to come.

Sasuke then met with Tobi, who convinced him to think that his goal of revenge could be achieved in less time with the help of Tobi’s plan. He was easily seduced by the idea and accepted it.

2. Defeat in battle

Sasuke fought Naruto countless times after joining Akatsuki but never won. Every time he fought he felt himself losing strength while Naruto’s determination to bring him back only grew stronger. These confrontations caused Sasuke to lose his pride as a member of the Uchiha clan, as the other members always ended up rescuing him instead of allowing him to take matters into his own hands.

3. The influence of the curse mark

Tobi manipulated Sasuke by giving him the Cursed Seal of Heaven while he was still in Otogakure. While it helped Sasuke gain power quickly, it also controlled much of his mind and body. It made his body’s natural energy constantly flow out of his body and affected his mind to feel angrier and more violent.

4. The influence of the Uchiha clan

Sasuke was never satisfied with his life as a child prodigy in the Uchiha clan, which made him feel like he had no freedom. He also felt threatened by everyone always comparing him to Itachi, who was always better at everything. This made him feel that he had no value as a person or as an individual.

While these are all reasons that influenced his decision, they are not the only reasons. There are many other influencing factors that helped shape his path to revenge.


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